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Innovation, experience, and commitment.

We are a business consultant and training company based in Miami, Florida, with operations around the world. Our consultants and instructors are experts in different areas and will commit to ensuring a successful outcome in every course and project.

Our bringing value approach

In GSProgress each project and activity we do are made and focused on bringing real value to our customers, it doesn't matter your experience, your company size, or from which industry. Let's work together towards your business improvement and knowledge enhancement.
"Every audit you conduct, each training program you teach and every consulting you make, must bring real value. Otherwise, you will be spinning on a wasting time and resources cycle."

Marco Pardave

President of GSProgress Inc

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It's time

It is time to go beyond as an auditor, an executive manager, or as a practitioner. With our outstanding courses based on a hands-on approach, you will obtain the knowledge an skills to produce a positive impact on your company.